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So it’s been awhile, I know, but things have been hectic! Started volunterring in school getting ready too apply for my PGCE for next year, and this combined with a friends sons birthday has been the inspiration for a new line of clothing completely different to my Dress Me Up dresses!

Working with a woolen mix felt, satin and an abundance of wadding I have created these!!!

Forgive me for not finishing the seam at the bottom I was finishing them off and got too excited too stop and finish before photos.


Been working on the patterns for this, childrens clothing is so different and sizing is sort of baffeling! I’ve decided to go with various sizes based on chest size and height, funnily enough my nephew and neice who have 4 years between them have the same chest size but varied arm length and sleeve length! Mind blown!!

Anyways if you are interested!! Please check my etsy!!



Love! x



Final Result

finished the custom dress, I’m super happy with the result and I hope she loves it as much as I do! 



My very first customer

I know I know ya’ll have been there before but I haven’t and it feels amazing.

Had a custom order for this lovely number two days ago from a lady in Illinois for her homecoming, I think I may be more excited for her than she is!


Had to do some slight alterations pattern wise to accommodate for varied measurements, followed this awesome tutorial video which if you ever want to add a few inches here and there to your patterns,  will make your life so much easier!

Heres a couple images from working on the dress, I’m planning on doing a more detailed walk through of some dress creations but as this was custom made and  I was scared of screwing up I couldn’t take many photos!

So I managed to trace out new pattern pieces for this spesific persons measurements,  following “ProfessorPincushion’s” tutorial and the pivot and slide method which worked beautifully!


Bodice piece darted and lined! (If you are curious as to what the hell that orange thing is, its a windscreen scraper but works perfectly as a ruler for my darts. ha.)



Pleaes pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats pleats..



So close to finishing and in just two days, will post a phot tonight 🙂

Thanks guyssss!




A stripey predicament

I’ve been working on a 50s inspired pleated dress for the last couple of days now, found this amazing striped blue and cream cotton at a carboot like a pro!

Yeah we all know how much of a ball ache any type of patterned fabric can be to work with when making..well..anything.I should of taken some photos but alas I forgot, but, the key I’ve found to dressmaking with patterns, always cut on a single layer of fabric, match your pieces and remember your seam allowances. Once you get into the hang of this you’ll be superrrrrrr!

I’ve been working with a Cynthis Rowley pattern I bought a little while back, number 1873. For my first full pattern it was a bit difficult, I’ll do another blog post on how the pattern turns out when I completed a dress with sleeves.Image

Back to my point, the dresses were too short! You know when you do something and continually just cant figure out whats wrong with what you’re making. It was the length, and i realised a bit too late with the stripey number.

However my mum came to the rescue, as per, I decided to add a 4 inch strip across the bottom I took some pictures to show you the process

This is the general look of the dress I changed the front middle pleat the other way round as with the stripes it wouldn’t hang correctly


I turned up the bottom of the dress by 1cm and cut a piece of fabric the same length as the bottom and the width I was looking for plus
extra for my hem. I then stitched both of these pieces together making small “pleats” with the fabric at seams to help with the curve of the dress. I pressed and after this photo was taken I zig zagged my stitch to overlock it.


This is the join, remember if you’re working with stripes too keep stitching along the line to keep it even


And this is the final product!


I’m super happy with the result, and the weight of the bottom gives such structure to the dress!

Finished my first attempt at sleeves finally will do another post on that this week…eventually.. oh life!


We all begin somewhere

I’m sure to figure this all out soon enough but until then..

Here are a few pieces of my vintage inspired dresses go on my etsy and check it!







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